Want a COVID PCR Test in
the comfort and safety of your own home? We offer testing that your insurance will pay for!

Get your "no-wait", safe & convenient

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Get your "no wait", safe & convenient

COVID-19 PCR test NOW!

  • Safe.  No waiting outside or in crowded waiting rooms with strangers. We provide a simple-to-use kit for you to collect a sample from your saliva that we can use for testing. Just takes you five minutes to collect the sample and return it to us.

  • Comprehensive. Your test is performed by a licensed Pharmacist. Results include symptoms and risk factor review. The Pharmacist will follow-up with your results directly to you!

  • Easy and Fast. The test is an approved COVID-19 PCR virus test.  And, it's saliva-based, so it's very easy!

  • Quick Results. Get your results provided personally to you within 24-36 hours after your sample is received by our lab. 

Here’s how to get your IN-HOME COVID PCR Test now (choose either method):

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